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Cool Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

251) Do you believe in the devil?

252) Do you believe in true love?

253) Do you believe in vaccinations?

254) Do you believe that dreams can be messages from a “higher level”?

255) Do you believe that everyone in a household should participate in household chores?

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256) Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

257) Do you believe that he or she will always have a special place in your heart?

258) Do you believe that the cup is half empty or half full? Give reasons for your answer?

259) Do you believe that what comes around goes around?

260) Do you believe you found your soul mate?

261) Do you blow dry your hair? or just let it dry on its own, or towel dry?

262) Do you chew on your straws?

263) Do you consider it more important to be liked or respected? Why?

264) Do you consider your childhood a happy one?

265) Do you consider yourself a happy person because you’ve met me?

266) Do you consider yourself a happy person?

267) Do you consider yourself a neat or messy person?

268) Do you consider yourself lazy?

269) Do you consider yourself popular?

270) Do you consider yourself sexually open minded?

271) Do you consider yourself to be religious?

272) Do you contribute to a retirement fund of some kind?

273) Do you cry easily?

274) Do you currently play any sports? If so, what?

275) Do you daydream sometimes?

276) Do you de-label your beer bottles?

277) Do you do dance crazy when no one is looking?

278) Do you do drugs or have you ever done drugs?

279) Do you dream often?

280) Do you drink?

281) Do you drink? If yes, how often?

282) Do you drive or take the train when dating?

283) Do you eat junk food everyday?

284) Do you eat meat?

285) Do you enjoy being out in nature?

286) Do you ever been on a blind date?

287) Do you ever feel as though your partners are too distant?

288) Do you ever feel like your partners are too clingy?

289) Do you ever set your friends up on blind dates?

290) Do you ever want to get married?

291) Do you exercise regularly? If so, how often?

292) Do you exercise everyday?

293) Do you expect to keep on moving?

294) Do you feel you have a purpose or calling in life?

295) Do you find these questions boring?

296) Do you find these questions funny?

297) Do you floss your teeth?

298) Do you follow trends?

299) Do you get along with your family?

300) Do you get along with your friends?

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