Questions to ask Boyfriends

Q. Name some of the people you love?

Q. What is your favorite ice cream?

Q. What is something most people don't know about you?

Q. What were you doing at 7pm yesterday?

Q. If alcohol were banned, what would your reaction be?

Q. If you won $10 million dollars what would you do with it?

Q. Do people underestimate you?

Q. Are you named after a grandparent?

Q. What's something you're scared of?

Q. What's your favorite color?

Q. Ever been kissed under fireworks?

Q. Do you wish someone would call you?

Q. What was your favorite game as a kid?

Q. Is there someone you wanna date right now?

Q. What is the last song to make you cry?

Q. Is your best friend pretty?

Q. Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?

Q. What do you miss?

Q. Do you give out second chances too easily?

Q. Ever felt that no one relates to you?

Q. Had plans and broke them?

Q. When was the last time you saw your grandparents?

Q. Who are you jealous of?

Q. What animal best represents you & why?

Q. Who would you cast to play you in a movie?

Q. If you could bring back one famous person from the dead- who & why?

Q. What was the last thing you ate?

Q. What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?

Q. Favorite college football team?

Q. How big is your bed?

Q. Any pets?

Q. Have you ever fired a gun?

Q. Do you like to travel by plane?

Q. Do you have a tattoo?

Q. What five things will you always find in your purse?

Q. Favorite soda?

Q. What was your major in college?

Q. How romantic are you?

Q. Were you an honor roll student in school?

Q. Ever been Skinny dipping?

Q. Ever been in a mosh pit?

Q. Would you live in a different country?

Q. What's your Lucky number?

Q. Would you prefer Gold or Silver?

Q. Ever been in a car accident?

Q. Where did you grow up?

Q. Been on stage?

Q. Ever met anyone really famous before?

Q. Do you believe in Karma?

Q. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?

Q. Nervous habits?

Q. Ever been to a strip club?

Q. What bill do you hate paying the most?

Q. First thing you wash in the shower?

Q. Do you sleep with the TV on?

Q. Do you de-label your beer bottles?

Q. Ever had a drunken night in Mexico?

Q. What's your Middle name?

Q. Do you speak another language?

Q. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

Q. If abandoned alone in the wilderness would you survive?

Q. What is your favorite sushi?

Q. what is it that you really care about and can't live without?

Q. what do you mean by "I don't care what you do"?

Q. will your mother be the first one you ask for answers?

Q. Are you a God fearing individual?

Q. Is there something you are not telling me?

Q. Can you cope with unexpected events?

Q. would you not change me, break me or make me?

Q. Are you supportive to family and friends despite the consequences?

Q. Have you ever thought about a world without clocks?

Q. What is your favorite smell?

Q. Can you afford your lifestyle?

Q. What are the favourite meals you like to cook?

Q. What does your friends say about you?

Q. How would you describe yourself?

Q. What are you the most curious about?

Q. What keeps you awake at night?

Q. If you had to choose, which could you live without: TV, the internet, a telephone or friends?

Q. If you could find a way to go back in time and change the past, would you?

Q. If so, what would you change and why?

Q. What is your favorite holiday and why?

Q. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Q. What is one unique thing about you?

Q. Do you prefer to live in the big city or a small town and why?

Q. If you could meet one living celeb, who would it be?

Q. Who do you envy most?

Q. What's something you couldn't live without and why?

Q. What family member do you wish you knew better?

Q. If you could meet someone famous, who would it be?

Q. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Q. What experience has changed your outlook on life?

Q. What's your biggest regret?

Q. What do you love most about your family? Why?

Q. Where's your ultimate vacation destination?

Q. What in life are you most proud of?

Q. Who's your most loyal friend?

Q. Would you want to be famous? For what?

Q. What's your biggest accomplishment?

Q. What's your earliest childhood memory?

Q. What's a life lesson you learned the hard way?

Q. What's one thing in past like to change?

Q. What's your favorite thing about yourself?

Q. Do you think you're a good judge of character?

Q. What's the best compliment you've ever received?

Q. What's the worst advice you've ever taken?

Q. What talent do you wish you'd been born with?

Q. What's the most spontaneous thing you've ever done?

Q. What's a subject you wish you knew more about?

Q. What did people tease you about growing up?

Q. Who in your family are you most like?

Q. What's the most fun you've had in the last year?

Q. Do you have a recurring dream? What happens in it?

Q. What's the bravest thing you've ever done?

Q. What's the biggest personal change you've ever made?

Q. Where did you grow up?

Q. Where did you go to school?

Q. Did you have a special place where you went to be alone as a child?

Q. How did you rebel as a child?

Q. What did you hide from your parents?

Q. Are you the same person you were as a child, or much different?

Q. Talk about a time when you got into trouble at school?

Q. Do you consider your childhood a happy one?

Q. What is your saddest memory?

Q. What were your first words and who told you what they were?

Q. Do you have any siblings?

Q. Was there anything unusual about your birth?

Q. Who did you think was the smartest person in the world?

Q. What was your most memorable toy?

Q. Who had the most positive influence on you?

Q. Why were you given your name and does it have a special meaning?

Q. Did you have your own telephone growing up, or any other special privileges?

Q. Did you ever get lost?

Q. What is a special compliment you always received?

Q. In what organizations and extracurricular activities did you participate?

Q. What was the craziest thing you did in your youth?

Q. Who was your favorite celebrity as a child?

Q. What type of pets do you have?

Q. What is most memorable about your high school years?

Q. What word describes you best?

Q. What is your greatest accomplishment?

Q. What drives you every day?

Q. What is your favorite food?

Q. Where do you want to retire?

Q. What is your business goal this year?

Q. Where do you like to vacation?

Q. Who do you admire?

Q. What is your mission?

Q. If you were invisible, where would you go?

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